The Best Homeschool Curriculum

The Best Homeschool Curriculum

What is the best homeschool curriculum? What are we planning on using?

I get asked this so often. The answer?

The curriculum of curiosity.

This curriculum is amazing, let me tell you. The curiosity curriculum is:

  • for every child,
  • every age,
  • every ability,
  • all interests,
  • developmentally appropriate,
  • child-paced,
  • relevant to your child,
  • flexible,
  • challenging,
  • empowering,
  • invaluable,
  • limitless, and
  • free!

What you need to have the best homeschool curriculum:

  1. a child
  2. an interested parent
  3. time
  4. respect for the child
  5. access to the world, nature, and books (a library!)
  6. the internet doesn’t hurt either

That’s it!

Life and learning need not be separated.

A child’s innate curiosity and interest in exploring and categorising the world around them is so strong. A child’s want to be heard and express themselves is built into them.

We just need to listen, to observe, and to guide them. We have to be fascinated with them and explore alongside them. Create an environment that inspires creativity, is literacy rich and invokes discovery.

People (yes, that includes children too!) only really learn, understand and retain knowledge that is meaningful, developmentally suitable and interesting to them. This is particularly true in the long term.

Given the above, kids will naturally acquire the knowledge that is significant and relevant to them through their innate curiosity, with time and guidance.

They don’t need ‘school hours’ or days or terms. Nor do they need things divided into subjects or levels. Just living and learning; everyday, together.

Children don’t need workbooks or tests. They don’t need flash cards or to memorise arbitrary facts. Sure, sometimes these things may be just what a child wants to solidify some knowledge or explore a topic. But it doesn’t have to be the foundation of their learning.

What kids do need is respect, connection and awareness. They need to know:

  • what they think is important,
  • their questions are valid,
  • their interests are respected,
  • how to find information, and
  • that they never have to do something that doesn’t feel right.

We need to protect their love of learning. Protect that curiosity and wonder like the jewel it is.

Curriculum of Curiosity

So… listen to them. Let them play.
Read to and with them everyday.
Show them you are passionate as well.
Joke and laugh up a spell.
Spend time with them in nature.
Watch documentaries together.

Cook dinner with them even though it takes more time.
Let them make mess, it’ll be just fine.
Discuss things that matter, and the things that don’t.
Question things yourself or maybe they won’t.

Challenge them to think critically.
Let them make mistakes and reflect analytically.
Build forts and climb trees.
Star gaze and scrape knees.

- Rachel ‘Racheous’

That’s the best homeschool curriculum.


The Curiosity Curriculum

Montessori Gifts for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

montessori gift guide racheous

I’m often asked what Montessori inspired toys I recommend and where we have got certain toys from. So I thought I would do a guide for Montessori gifts!

I am only recommending toys that we own (or similar in a couple of cases) and love.

These aren’t Montessori pure materials, I’m sharing toys that are educational and can be used in Montessori inspired play and learning.

I hope you find some inspiration! I have included affiliate links (click on the pictures or the words underneath) for your convenience. See here for full disclosure.

Babies & Young Tots | 0 – 18 months

Montessori Baby Toys | Pinkhouse set on Etsy

Montessori inspired baby set

Pop up toyPop Up Toy

Manhattan Skswish toyManhattan Skwish Toy

baby play silksBaby play silks

trix rattleTrix rattle

stacking and nesting wooden rainbow bowlsNesting and stacking wooden rainbow bowls

Brio bell rattleBrio bell rattle

music box musical wind up toyMusical wind up toy

wooden ball run trackWooden ball track

wheely bug ride on toyWheely bug ride on

Toddlers | 18 months – 3 years

beginner pattern blocksBeginner pattern blocks

musical instrumentsMusical instruments

russian nesting dollsRussian nesting dolls

colour blocks Colour blocks

mail box toyMail box sorting toy

wooden rainbowWooden rainbow

lock box toyLock box toy

rainbow play silk canopyRainbow play silk canopy

wooden farm barn toy fold-out animalsWooden farm

wooden plan toys cone sorting toyCone sorting toy

Preschoolers | 3 – 6 years

brio builder systemBrio builder system

hammer tap a shapeHammer tap a shape

walkie talkies toyWalkie talkies

melissa doug see spell puzzlesMelissa & Doug See and Spell Puzzles

wooden marble runWooden marble run

real stethoscope toyReal stethoscope toy

Pattern blocksPattern blocks

phonetic reading blocksPhonetic reading blocks

tone musical hand bellsMusical hand bells

drill design board peg toyTechno design board

Phew! That was fun! I should say, while I have grouped these by age groups – some of these Montessori gifts can be used for different ages. As with anything with children, you know your child best and what will suit their stage of development!

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