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Montessori at Home! book ebook and printable bundle Giveaway via Racheous - Lovable Learning

I purchased and read Montessori at Home! over 3 years ago. I read it in one sitting and my hard copy of John Bowman’s Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain is very well thumbed through. If you’re a long-term reader, you would have heard me recommend it more than once.

John Bowman’s Montessori at Home! is an incredible resource that is user-friendly, practical, thorough and invaluable. Many of the activities that I do and share are inspired by his advice and the resources in his book. It is my go-to recommendation for new parents wanting to know where to start with Montessori at home in the first 6 years of their child’s life.

Montessori at Home! eBook

I hear so many great Mum’s that lack inspiration regarding activities to do with their children and/or are overwhelmed with the choices and don’t know where to start. Using Montessori At Home! you can successfully give your child meaningful learning experiences and create a lifestyle that nurtures their developing mind.

The Third Edition of Montessori At Home! is a totally updated, 512 page, multimedia eBook that not only guides you through the best early learning activities but shows you why, when, and how to use Montessori at home. There is truly no better resource, particularly for the price ($10.95!). 

I love that the book gives you all the information you need on Montessori, the benefits of Early Childhood Education, the Neuroscience of Early Childhood Development, parenting with Montessori principles. As well as giving parents clear descriptions of over 300 learning materials and activities for 2-6 year olds, mostly made using common items you may already have or which can be found easily and inexpensively.

Recommendations are also given for affordable, original Montessori and other good early learning materials. Over 225 educational digital tablet apps are recommended throughout the eBook. Hundreds of links to sites, blogs, and videos are found throughout the eBook to expand on the information presented.


The bundle (including 21 printables) from Montessori Print Shop go perfectly with John Bowman’s eBook and include over 180 pages of quality full colour materials!

There is also a new Kindle edition of John Bowman’s popular paperback, Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain. This is a condensed version of the original Montessori At Home! eBook. Now, those who prefer either a Kindle edition have easy access to this information for only $6.99!

Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain Kindle Book

Without the limitations of paper, the Kindle edition includes many activities, colour photographs, and most of the interactive links that make Montessori At Home! a unique resource for parents. There is also a link to download a set of free printables, just like the set included in the original PDF eBook.

I am so excited to be able to give you a chance to win THREE (3) Montessori at Home! eBook bundles with the printables from Montessori Print Shop AND THREE (3) copies of the new Kindle edition of Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain. That is SIX lucky winners!

John is generously offering a $2 discount on the Montessori at Home! eBook for those who don’t win or simply can’t wait to own this great resource! That means it’s only $8.95!


This giveaway is CLOSED. Thank you for all your lovely entries and congratulations to the lucky winners!

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  1. says

    I am looking forward to 2 sections mostly of the book. The Neuroscience of Early Childhood Development
    Using Montessori Principles in Parenting

  2. Joanita says

    I would love to see all the practical tips on what and how to implement Montessori at home. Special interest in maths and language.

  3. Michelle Thompson says

    I want to learn more about Montessori in general, so for me the most eagerly anticipated section is “using Montessori principles in parenting”

  4. Ashley says

    I’ve been looking for a place to start, and with a new baby on the way, I wanted to make sure I got started with my first. I hadn’t realized it was that inexpensive for the amount of knowledge it will start me out with. I thought this website would help, but getting a book on top if it would be awesome.

  5. says

    Wow, beautifully done giveaway, Rachel, thank you! I so appreciate your support in recommending Montessori At Home, to parents. Over 5000 downloads later, I still get a charge seeing the eBook going to all corners of the earth, many times to parents who have no access to a Montessori school or simply no possibility of affording it. There is just no reason these children cannot experience the benefit of Montessori’s brilliant materials and approach. Parents can do this! Thanks again, Rachel, I look forward to sending the winners their prizes.

  6. Jennifer Anzalone says

    Would be thrilled to win this fabulous giveaway! I would most enjoy the activities for 2-6 year olds to employ in my learning environment. After 18 years of teaching, fresh and new ideas are always helpful!

  7. Heather N says

    I am most interested in the Math section, but truly I would love to read the whole book!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Anissa Crawford says

    This looks so fun! I think I would be most interested in the “Using Montessori Principles in Parenting”, as I haven’t used much of it. It just looks fun…for me and my little ones!

  9. Sierra says

    I would love to learn more from the Art & Music section as well as the Practical Life section. What an awesome giveaway!!

  10. Stacey says

    I would love to have this information to make sure my daughter has what is needed to learn all the aspects on our homeschooling journey. I’m so afraid I’ll leave something out! I’m very excited over the math!

  11. says

    I’m looking forward to reading the sections on sensorial and practical life activities. Having a son with sensory processing disorders & dyspraxia, I can’t find enough activities to help his development!

  12. Heidi says

    I am interested in learning more about using Montessori with my young children. I am looking forward to reading the “science” section and also seeing the digital apps that are suggested.

  13. Rachael says

    I am most looking forward to reading the Digital Life section (although the whole book looks so interesting). I’m hoping that this section gives good pointers for how to incorporate Digital Media in a meaningful way for early learners.

  14. Stacy says

    I’m most interested in learning more about digital life. I’m surprised to hear about a Montessori book that includes information about how to use technology with young children. Sounds like an amazing giveaway!!!!

  15. Heather Swarthout says

    Art & Music, my daughter would love it! I have the chance to send my daughter to a Montessori school this year and I just might!

  16. Barbara Keding says

    I’m excited about the whole book! Hard to just pick one… maybe practical life? I know I would enjoy every section of the book!

  17. says

    Fantastic giveaway! I’m interested in science lessons and sensorial….I would like to read it and use the ideas! Thanks for chance!

  18. Rene du Plessis says

    Art & Music
    I struggle to find creative ways to stimulate my children in these areas. I look forward to receiving guidance and fresh approaches and ideas.

  19. Jodi says

    I’m looking forward to “A Parent’s Guide To Using Learning Materials at Home” – I’m just learning about what parents can do with Montessori ideas in the preschool years, so I need to start at square 1.

  20. Jenn A says

    The entire book looks amazing, but I’m particularly interested in the reading/writing section. Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  21. says

    I’m looking forward to reading the sensorial section, as we love doing sensory/messy play, and also practical life as I’d like to encourage my 3 year old to help out around the house where she can and also become more independent as we are expecting our second baby in the next couple of weeks!

  22. Vikki says

    I am especially interested in the language and maths section and practical parenting, actually I’m just interested in the whole thing!

  23. Tanya says

    I am really excited to just have more ideas to prepare my 17 month old’s environment and to start collecting suggested materials.

  24. Kristine F. says

    I think that I am most interested in the Science and/or materials section of the book. I get intimidated by both :P.

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