10 Questions to Ask Yourself when Considering Homeschooling

10 homeschooling questions

If you saw my recent video, you would have heard that we are strongly considering home education. Chances are, if you have seriously considered homeschooling, you have already answered many (if not all) of these questions and then some. For example: What are my states laws on homeschooling? What options do we have? How do my children learn? What resources do we have available to us? What family support do we have? etc.

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As I said in the video, this is something we are researching and we are still trying to work through. Here are some of the questions that we have been asking ourselves. I’ll share our answers if anyone is interested.

1. Are you prepared for a huge commitment?

Are you prepared for the responsibility that being the main teacher of your children brings?

2. Are you doing this for good reasons?

What are your motives? Are the reasons you are considering homeschooling personal? Do they benefit you or your child/ren? *See end of post for some (in my opinion) not so great reasons to homeschool.

3. What is truly important to your family?

What are the real, deep and meaningful reasons why you are concerned with where and how your children are educated?

4. Can you handle the criticism and questions?

Are you content enough with your ideals and reasons for home educating to deal with judgement? Do you feel supported enough to do something that is not mainstream, and is often completely misunderstood?

5. How strong is your marriage?

Are you and your spouse on the same page regarding parenting and education?

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6. Is homeschooling financially viable for your family?

Can your family handle the limited income potential for the homeschooling parent?

7. Are you willing to go that extra mile to create your ‘village’?

Although the stereotypical view of homeschooling and socialisation is outdated and unfounded, there is a need to have a supportive social network. Are you willing to seek out that community of parents and children for your family?

8. Do you have realistic expectations?

Are you prepared to be flexible with your goals?

9. Are you willing to change your own perception of learning, education and socialisation?

If, like me, you were not home educated yourself, are you open to work on a new definition of schooling?

10. Are you inspired?

Are you excited to learn, re-learn, question, challenge, motivate, teach and grow?

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* While some of these are not bad reasons to homeschool.. I don’t think they should be the main reason/s.

– fear (of bullying, peer pressure, your child being lonely, their needs not being met)

– control (of your child, the friends they choose, what influences them, their education)

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  1. says

    At this stage, personally we’re not considering home-schooling. But I do like to read other’s experiences. And I do view myself as their most dedicated teacher and we’ll certainly be doing fun home-learning outside of school and preschool hours. :)

    • says

      You’re right, all parents are teachers and profound influences on their children, whether they want to be or not :P Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion Danya.

  2. says

    I really liked reading your perspective and things to consider with homeschooling…I myself would not have the patience and commitment I know and I worry about the socialisation aspect as we don’t have a lot of outside influences for our family at the moment. But i have enjoyed being able to spend the very early years of my twins education at home with them rather than teaching in a centre like I had to with my now teen. Will enjoy following your journey!

    • says

      Thank you :) It’s certainly not for everyone and I’m sure there will be moments where I will think patience is no virtue :P I appreciate you reading along and following our journey!

  3. says

    What a sensible set of questions. We’ve been homeschooling for three years now. At the start both sets of grandparents were very concerned, and my husband wasn’t at all sure. But my commitment was strong and our marriage is even stronger. We’ve kept communicating and now everyone is VERY supportive and on board.

  4. says

    Really interesting post. I like the concept of homeschooling a lot…but it’s not for my and my family…I think these are really smart questions to ask.

  5. says

    As an educator I’m torn with the homeschooling debate! I love the questions that you’ve posed… I’m pinning this to return to!
    I do believe that homeschooling brings with it so many benefits and can be a really positive form of education. Especially with an education system that generally does not cater for all learning styles but typically is pitched to a certain learning style or to the teacher’s own teaching style.

    • says

      Definitely Bek. I know that I had one teacher in particular who was the PERFECT fit for me. I was lucky enough to be in a small town school so I had her for 3 consecutive years. I think much of my passion for learning grew from her teaching style and ability to work with my strengths and weaknesses.

      I’m hoping that I can be that for my children, but I can appreciate someone from your background being hesitant regarding homeschooling. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and share your view point Bek :)

  6. Kate R says

    I would love to homeschool our children. Unfortunately finances is going to be our limitation. At this stage I still have to work as a teacher (of other people’s kids) to make ends meet. Hopefully we can jig things a bit when the time comes so we can make it work. We still have a few years to get sorted. I love the questions you pose as it makes you realise it is not a decision which can be made on a whim! Thank you

  7. says

    This is another great article, Rachel! We are still in the researching stage of our schooling journey- I know what we DON’T want for the twins (an education system based on drilling and standardized testing) but haven’t found a place that has what we DO want in our area. Homeschooling is definitely an option we are considering!

  8. Kylene says

    This is a great post of questions when considering homeschooling. I love homeschooling my children. My husband was homeschooled but my family was unsure of this as we decided to do this with our children. But my husband and I stood strong and showed them exactly what we would do and even invited my mom to go shopping for materials and I won her over showing her how committed I was. My husband and I have a great relationship and we agree with our homeschool teaching. He does bring our income in but we see it as our money and we use a budget that we go by. It works very well for us and I wouldn’t want it any other way for our children. Thank you for your post!!

  9. D_Scully says

    The “fear” that my child’s needs are not being met are not actually a fear, but a reality. This is the second year of her failing everything and I keep pushing and pushing and have not been able to get her help in school or the support a 504 would give her to help her learning environment. She has been diagnosed with a math learning disability and an auditory processing disability, but they schools are still refusing to provide services for her. I’m having to pull her out of school to get her the pt/ot/speech/reading therapies she needs. Homeschooling will allow me to work with her, help her focus, incorporate her therapies into our learning, and give her the support she needs to thrive. It sucks when the fear isn’t just a fear. :\

  10. says

    Excellent post!! I’ve been homeschooling my kids for the last 12 years and although it has had it’s own set of challenges, I know that it was the best decision for our family. If you ever have any questions, please email me!! I have been through pretty much every homeschool crisis there is lol!! I applaud you for taking the time to make an informed decision about your child’s education!

  11. Tania Taranto says

    Thank you for your post. My daughter has a few learning problems and is very disengaged at Kinder. I do believe this is because her teacher finds it easier to simply exclude her rather than encourage her to participate. This teacher is also not very creative or warm in nature and my daughter is not into running around outside all day, so this has not been a good match for her. Being a teacher myself, it pains me to see her so sad about going somewhere she should love and enjoy. I have a Montessori style classroom set up at home. Both my 2 year old and my 5 year old daughter love being in there. I am a stay at home mum at the moment, so financially we are fine. I have been considering homeschooling for quite awhile now. So my husband and I discussed these questions after reading your post and I must say, they really helped us make our decision. I lost my first daughter at 33 weeks gestation, she was stillborn. So I guess a huge part of me had the fear factor working overtime! I think that will always be a problem for me. I also felt so disappointed that my daughter is just not enjoying Kinder as I had hoped and the teachers don’t seem to be meeting her needs. But at the end of the day, this is Kinder and the school she would like to go to is a very good one. And I guess, I just answered my own question, as she wants to go there! We have decided to let her experience school, but if at any point, the school experience begins to severely harm her self-esteem, I would totally homeschool her! She is a sensitive soul with a very intelligent mind! I just hope they can see that!

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