Ultimate List of Homeschool Co-op Ideas

The Ultimate List of Homeschool Co-op Ideas - 100+ Meaningful Learning Experiences! | Racheous - Lovable Learning

Our homeschool co-op is into it’s 5th week and much planning and fun has been had already! I wanted to share my ideas for incredible and fun educational activities, experiences and field trips!



  1. Create a fabric sign for your group
  2. Exploring mixed media art
  3. Tie dying
  4. Weaving
  5. Henna
  6. Beading
  7. Photography
  8. Paper making
  9. Explore art from a famous artist as a family and share what you learned
  10. Music day – singing, dancing and making music together
  11. Making instruments from recyclables
  12. Explore new mediums (charcoal, pastels, mix paints)
  13. Clay workshop
  14. Jewelry making
  15. Paper mache
  16. Knitting/crochet
  17. Collaborative structure
  18. Cake decorating
  19. Sculpture
  20. Marbling
  21. Perspective art
  22. Bookmaking
  23. Scrap-booking
  24. Drama
  25. Collaborative collage
  26. Paint a mural
  27. Spray paintings
  28. Upcycled robots/city/etc – construction group project
  29. Sensory explorations


  1. Vege patch
  2. Yoga
  3. Gardening and plant activities (perhaps at your local community garden)
  4. Circus day
  5. Bush dancing
  6. Physio and relaxation
  7. Sports day
  8. Explore a local creek or pond
  9. Games
  10. Swimming
  11. Shadow hunt
  12. Obstacle course
  13. Team building (an activity that they have to do in groups)
  14. Treasure hunt
  15. Backyard science lab
  16. Solve a mystery
  17. Photo scavenger hunt
  18. Excavation project


  1. Lego learning
  2. Baking
  3. Sewing
  4. Pretend Play set ups
  5. Forensic Science – learn about finger prints, use a black light
  6. As a family, study authors and share what you learn with the group
  7. Knot tying
  8. Explore magnetism
  9. Explore medical equipment
  10. Use real tools to make simple woodwork
  11. Learn the basics of a foreign language together
  12. Explore rocks and minerals
  13. Cultural (food/dress/etc)
  14. Host a bug catch, identify, study and release expedition
  15. Have parents of different professions talk to the group about their job
  16. Book club/swap
  17. Explore electrical circuits
  18. Sign language
  19. Play and learn with an overhead projector
  20. Have a pajama party
  21. Organise a backyard ‘drive in’ theatre
  22. Set up a cultural package swap
  23. Organise pen pals with another homeschool co-op
  24. Put on puppet theatre shows
  25. Show & tell
  26. Me on a map
  27. Make and learn about simple machines
  28. Learn First Aid and CPR training
  29. Pull something apart and find out how it works
  30. Write a progressive story
  31. Practice friendly debating and/or organise a debate team
  32. Dissect a toad
  33. Make a group newspaper or magazine
  34. Plan and perform a historical re-enactment
  35. Board games
  36. Make butter
  37. Explore light, reflection and shadow
  38. Learn and perform a simple play
  39. Five senses exploration
  40. Photo puppets (popsicle sticks) small world play (sense of self activity)
  41. Learn about beekeeping
  42. Learn about life cycles (butterfly, chicks?)
  43. Find out if anyone has unusual pets – exotic fish/birds/snakes/lizards/turtles

Field Trips:

Remember that sometimes, if there is a cost involved, places will organise a homeschool or group discount!

  1. Visit the local nature centre
  2. Go on bush walks (scavenger hunt)
  3. Visit Botanic gardens
  4. Go to relevant plays/concerts together
  5. Visit Museum
  6. Go to an Art Gallery (our local one has many great exhibits for kids)
  7. Tour the local Fire Station
  8. Visit the Planetarium
  9. Visit a nursing home
  10. Go to the airport
  11. Geocaching
  12. Visit a pottery studio
  13. Find a local factory and take a tour
  14. Go to a local farm and learn about where food comes from
  15. Visit an aviation museum
  16. Organise a trip to a bakery
  17. Go fruit picking at an orchard or farm
  18. Visit the local animal shelter
  19. Go bird-watching
  20. Visit a large local greenhouse
  21. Visit the local radio station
  22. Visit a construction site (learn about the building process, site safety, and teamwork)
  23. Historic houses/churches/monuments
  24. Visit an aquarium
  25. Go bowling
  26. Tour of a local quarry, water treatment plant, or utility company
  27. Use public transport to get around town
  28. Visit a drive in theatre as a group to watch a kids movie
  29. Beach visit
  30. Orienteering
  31. Go to a zoo
  32. Go horse riding
  33. Kite flying at park
  34. Annual/Bi-annual camp


What would you add?links

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