Learning About Renewable Energy

Learning About Renewable Energy

contains affiliate/sponsored links Today with our homeschool co-op this week we explored renewable energy! Using hands on modules we made models that helped the kids learn how wind and the sun can create power! I don’t need to tell you why learning about renewable energy is important. Even the younger kids were already discussing climate […]



You’ve heard it before. The dreaded S word when homeschooling comes up in conversation. There are tons of great writing out there about it. I wanted to share my take. When I’m asked about socialisation, I will ask back: What do you mean by socialisation?  What is it that concerns you? (because I guarantee we […]

What If

What If

When I get questions about interest-led learning and educating at home, they’re quite often the ‘what if’s’. What if they miss out on a basic skill? What if you don’t know how to teach them something? What if you forget to teach them ____? What if, what if, what if. The truth is I’m not […]

Why Unschool?


When I’m asked why we unschool, it’s hard to explain without generalisations. It’s hard to capture the reasons because there’s no short answer. It’s the little things, it’s the big things, it’s the things we inadvertently take for granted. It’s the sleep ins, the days unfolding naturally and slowly. It’s freedom. Freedom to play, explore, […]

Celebrating the Seasons with The Artful Year


My favourite creativity and art blog is undoubtedly The Artful Parent. Jean’s blog is such an inspirational and useful one for parents who like me value creativity and artistic expression within their children. Consequently, I’m stoked to be a part of her blog tour for her new book! We fortunate enough to receive a copy […]