Standardising Childhood

Standardising Childhood

I think a good majority of my readers would agree that standardised testing for young kids isn’t in children’s best interests. I think there’s been enough professionals, TED talks, viral videos and articles proving time and time again that standardised testing doesn’t measure genuine learning outcomes and at worst are harming children and the institutions […]

How Montessori Works With Unschooling (For Us)

How Montessori Works With Unschooling

Unschooling in general is all about forgoing school-like learning and a curriculum so it may seem contradictory to some that we are big Montessori lovers in this house. However, my journey to home education and then unschooling was built on a foundation of exploring alternative education. Montessori certainly holds a place in my heart for […]

Why We Don’t Do Crafts

Why We Don't Do Crafts

The idea of ‘process over product’ is thrown around a lot regarding kids and creative processes. Still social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook pages are littered with craft ideas for kids and crafts are so dang popular that I’m scared to write this post. You see, I want to provide a different point of […]

Learning About Renewable Energy

Learning About Renewable Energy

contains affiliate/sponsored links Today with our homeschool co-op this week we explored renewable energy! Using hands on modules we made models that helped the kids learn how wind and the sun can create power! I don’t need to tell you why learning about renewable energy is important. Even the younger kids were already discussing climate […]



You’ve heard it before. The dreaded S word when homeschooling comes up in conversation. There are tons of great writing out there about it. I wanted to share my take. When I’m asked about socialisation, I will ask back: What do you mean by socialisation?  What is it that concerns you? (because I guarantee we […]