What We’re Reading | Author Spotlight

Steve Jenkins Reading Racheous

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience I’m officially in love with Steve Jenkins books! I went to write a post about what we’re reading and realised 3 of the 5 books were by Steve Jenkins and I have TEN of his books on my wishlist. So I just have to share with you: […]

I AM My Child’s Friend

I am my child's friend Racheous

“I am not your friend” I read in a recent popular post a mother wrote about what lessons she wants her children to know. Ouch. Why is society so afraid of parents being friends to their children? To me, it’s like saying “I’m not my husband’s friend, I’m his wife!” Why not both?! Being a […]

Measuring BIG

Measuring BIG Racheous

Following our favourite maths books, I thought I’d share one of our favourite resources for measuring BIG. Cam is often asking how far it is on our walks or how big some of the massive things in our world really are. Using a trundle wheel is such a fun, hands on way to explore measurement […]

What DO We Do Then?


Probably the most frequently asked question I get asked by readers in comments of shares of my parenting posts is “what do you do then?” When they hear that we don’t spank, yell, force manners, use time out, take possessions or bribe they imagine us left with figurative empty hands. What do you do then? […]

Why School?

John Holt

Why 5 years of age? Why 5 days a week? Why 6 hours a day? Why is it that when kids turn five in our society they are typically expected to spend hours a day 5 days a week in a government institution? Why do they not get a choice in how they spend such […]